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Paisatge i educació

Paisatge i educació
  • Collection:
    "Plecs de Paisatge"
  • Series:
  • Number: 2

Copies are available from the Observatory on request or by clicking the following link for just 20 € shipping included (for shipping outside Europe costs will be 8€). 

The book is only available in Catalan, but you can find summaries of each chapter in Spanish and English.

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Nogué, Joan; Puigbert, Laura; Bretcha, Gemma; Losantos, Àgata (eds.) (2011). Paisatge i educació. Olot: Landscape Observatory of Catalonia; Barcelona: Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. (Plecs de Paisatge; Reflexions; 2). ISBN: 978-84-614-2115-2

The book is the result of the international seminar of the same name, which was held in Barcelona in November 2009 in collaboration with the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability and the Ministry of Education of the Catalan government, the European network RECEP-ENELC and the Catalunya Caixa Charitable Trust. This publication, which is the first interdisciplinary work in the collection and includes contributions from authors of different nationalities, deals with the subject of landscape education in Europe within the framework of the European Landscape Convention.

  • Presentations (1,92Mb)
    Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons
    Head of the Spatial Planning and Landscape Division, Council of Europe
    Irene Rigau
    Minister of Education
    Miquel Rafa
    Director of the Environment Department, Caixa Catalunya's Social Work
    Oriol Porcel
    Director of the European Network of Local and Regional Authorities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention (RECEP-ENELC)
    Joan Nogué
    Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia
  • Landscape, citizenship and education (1,98Mb)
    Joan Manel del Pozo
I. Landscape, education and quality of life
II. Landscape in schools
III. Landscape education and its transfer to society

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