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Indicadors de paisatge. Reptes i perspectives

Indicadors de paisatge. Reptes i perspectives
  • Collection: "Plecs de Paisatge"
  • Series: 'Eines'
  • Number: 1

Copies are available from the Observatory on request or by clicking the following link for just 20 € shipping included. 

The book is only available in Catalan, but you can find summaries of each chapter in Spanish and English.

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Nogué, Joan; Puigbert, Laura; Bretcha, Gemma (eds.) (2009). Indicadors de paisatge. Reptes i perspectives. Olot: andscape Observatory of Catalonia; Barcelona: Caixa Catalunya's Social Work. (Plecs de Paisatge; Eines; 1). ISBN: 978-84-613-1327-3

This book is the results of the international seminar which, under the same title, was held in Barcelona in November 2007. The different chapters approach landscape indicators from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and share some of the most interesting experiences in relation to the subject in the European sphere. The difficulty of putting together a listing of well-checked, understandable landscape indicators plus the relative newness of this field make this a work of striking methodological interest.


  • Presentation
    Joaquim Nadal
    Councillor of Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works of Catalan government
    Jordi Sargatal
    Territory and Landscape Division, Caixa Catalunya's Social Work
    Riccardo Priore
    Director of the European Network of Local and Regional Bodies for the Application of the European Treaty on the Landscape (RECEP)
    Joan Nogué
    Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia
  • Introduction: What are Indicators and what is their Purpose?
    Josepa Bru
I. A disciplinary perspective
II. Experiences in Spain
III. Experiences in the European Area
IV. Comunication of landscape indicators

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