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Atlases and landscape inventories


Mental-Collaborative Atlas of the Valencian Landscapes
The Mental-Collaborative Atlas of the Valencian Landscapes is one of the main projects of the Chair for Citizen Engagement and Valencian Landscapes since 2016. The project was created to study the citizen’s perception of their environment and developing a tool to understand and manage the landscapes alongside the Valencians.
Mapas de Paisaje de Aragˇn
Landscape maps of Aragon produced ​​by General Direction of Spatial Planning (Ministry of Public Works and Interior. Government of Aragon).
Paisajes de la Rioja
An inventory of landscapes produced by the Department of Town and Country Planning of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja. It includes a little map server for viewing the landscape units, along with a descriptive datafile on each.


Server for maps created by Ondersteunend Centrum GIS-Vlaanderen (Laanderen Geographical Information Centre), offering information on the various types of Flemish landscape.


Atlas des paysages des Hautes-Alpes
Hautes-Alpes landscape atlas. From the website it is possible to browse different landscape units using a small guide map. There is a description of each unit, as well as photographs, maps and access to different sub-units.
Atlas des Paysages du Territoire de Belfort
Atlas published by the Conseil General Territoire de Belfort (Belfort Region General Council), much of which can be consulted from the website. A section of old and modern photographs enables the evolution of landscape in the area to be followed.
Inventaire des paysages de Poitou-Charentes
Put on line by the Poitou-Charentes Regional Environment Observatory and managed by the Poitou-Charentes Conservatory of Natural Areas, this inventory makes it possible to nature and the diversity of regional landscapes, but it also sets out the developments and problems affecting them. The website includes a map of large landscape groups, a full album of photos of the various types of landscapes catalogued, and also the methodology used for the inventory and classification of landscapes.


Landscape Character Assessment. Guidance for England and Scotland
Guide to landscape identification and assessment published by the Countryside Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage.
Landscape of Hertfordshire
Internet portal which collects all the published statements by the Hertfordshire local authority on landscape matters, and the landscape strategies and directives for the different parts of the county.

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