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Plans and landscape strategies


Landscape Charters
You can find the information related to landscape charters of Catalonia in the landscape charters section of our web.
Landscape Plans
You can find the information related to landscape plans of Catalonia in the landscape plans section of our web.


Interaktiven Landschaftsplan
Website dedicated to the development of the landscape plan of the city of Königslutter am Elm, prepared jointly by the Kónigslutter amb Elm Town Hall and the Universität Hannover (Hanover University). It is an interactive project which offers the opportunity for the public to participate in it.


Carta calabrese del Paesaggio
Agreement for the application of the principles and strategies of action established in the European Landscape Convention in the territorial management of the region of Calabria.
Carta de Napoli
Naples Landscape Charter prepared by Federazione Associazioni Professionali Ambiente e Paesaggio (FEDAP, Federation of Professional Associations on Environment and Landscape).
Carta del Paesaggio dell'Olivo e dell'Olio
Landscape charter for olive groves and oil prepared by the Associazione Cittŕ Paesaggio.
Piano Territoriale Paesistico Regionale della Emilia-Romagna
Regional territorial landscape plan of Emilia-Romagna.
Piano Territoriale Paesistico Regionale della Sicilia
Regional territorial landscape plan of Sicily.


Conception 'paysage suisse'
Initiative of the Confédération Suisse for bringing together the interests of groups of conservationists, administrations and promoters on sustainable landscape development, approved by the Conseil Fédéral (Federal Council) on 19th December 1997.
Paysage 2020
Project carried out by the Office Fédéral de l'Environnement, des Foręts et du Paysage (Federal Office of Environment, Forests and Landscape) defining Swiss landscape policy for the coming years.


Cornwall landscape strategy
Landscape strategy which sets out the strategies to follow for the management and development of the Cornish landscape.
County Durham Landscape Strategy
Landscape strategy in County Durham, including an initial assessment of the landscapes and establishing guidelines for their future management.
Database of Landscape Character Assessments in England
Inventory of the various studies on the state of landscape and landscape strategies around England.
Historic Landscape Characterisation programme
An initiative of English Heritage to give the administrations a tool to facilitate their analysis of current landscape and to help them to take decisions in this area. The website gives the necessary methodology for carrying out a study on historic landscape, and links to the counties that have done this.
The Hampshire Landscape: a Strategy for the Future
Landscape strategy prepared by the Planning Department of the County of Hampshire. Sets out the strategies to follow for the management and development of the landscape in Hampshire.

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