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Landscape Catalogues

What the Landscape Catalogues are

The Act 8/2005 of 8th June for the protection, management and planning of the landscape in Catalonia creates the Landscape Catalogue as a new instrument for the introduction of landscape objectives into spatial planning and sectoral policies in Catalonia, and in this way adopts the principles and action strategies established in the European Landscape Convention promoted by the Council of Europe.

In other words, the landscape catalogues are the tools which enable us to find out what our landscape is like and what values it has, the factors wich explain why we have a certain type of landscape and not another, how our landscape evolves with regard to the current financial, social and environmental dynamics and, finally, they define what type of landscape we want and how we can achieve it.

The landscape catalogues, therefore, supply information of great interest on all the Catalan landscapes and in this way contribute to the definition and application of a new landscape policy in Catalonia.

Àmbit d'aplicació Penedès Camp de Tarragona Alt Pirineu i Aran Comarques Gironines Terres de l'Ebre Terres de Lleida Comarques Centrals Regió Metropolitana de Barcelona

The Landscape Catalogues are conceived normatively as useful tools for the planning and management of the landscape from the spatial planning perspective. This is why their territorial reach corresponds to each of the regions of application of the Partial Territorial Plans.


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