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Landscape Catalogues

Territorial functions of the catalogues

The landscape catalogues must orientate the integration of landscape into town and spatial planning instruments in Catalonia at different scales, from partial land use plans to urban planning, including land master plans and urban territorial plans.

Usefulness of partial land use plans

As proposed by the Landscape Act, the classification and characterisation of landscapes, and the quality objectives associated with each of them, will be incorporated with a regulatory character, as landscape regulations, directives and recommendations, into the seven partial territorial plans prepared by the Ministry of Land and Sustainability and into the land master plans that the Ministry considers appropriate, after public consultation.

Usefulness of urban planning

It is these partial territorial plans and, depending on each case, also the land master plans, which determine in which cases the landscape directives will be of direct application, of obligatory incorporation into the modification and revision of urban planning, or when they constitute only recommendations for urban planning and for other plans or programmes of a sectoral nature affecting the landscape. From the perspective of urban planning, also, the landscape catalogues are conceived as very useful tools for urban planning specialists and for representatives of local urban planning committees, as they provide directives and recommendations with regard to landscape which are very useful in the development of certain projects.


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