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Landscape Catalogues

Contents of the Landscape Catalogues

Article 11 of the Act for the protection, management and planning of the landscape in Catalonia establishes what the minimum contents to be incorporated into the seven landscape catalogues must be:

  • An inventory of the landscape values present in the relevant area.
  • A list of the activities and processes affecting or which have most affected the configuration of the present landscape.
  • Signalling of the main routes and areas from which the landscape is perceived.
  • Definition of areas of landscape units, understood as structurally, functionally and/or visually coherent areas, which may be subject to a differentiated regime of protection, management or planning in the terms established in article 6.
  • Definition of landscape quality objectives for each landscape unit. These objectives must express the aspirations of the group with regard to the landscape characteristics of their environment.
  • Proposed measures and actions needed to achieve the landscape quality objectives.

These six points are developed using the following material:

Written memorandum
Technical document which the Landscape Observatory will deliver to the Ministry of Land and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia.
[Contents of the written memorandum]
The maps being made are:
  • Map of landscape units and special attention landscapes
  • Map of visibilities and inter-visibilities from the main points and routes for observing the landscape
  • Map of ecological landscape values
  • Map of aesthetic landscape values
  • Map of historical values
  • Map of productives values
  • Map of social values
  • Map of religious and spiritual values
  • Map of symbolic and identity-based values
  • Maps of landscape dynamics
  • Maps of landscape quality objectives
Inventory of landscape agents
Database with information for updating and consultating the principal agents (authorities, groups, universities, etc.) involved in the protection, management and planning of the landscape in Catalonia.
Photographic archive
Database with all the photographs taken during the process of making the Landscape Catalogue, duly classified by landscape units, as well as other criteria. The photographs will become the property of the Landscape Observatory and will form the photographic archive of the landscapes of Catalonia.

All the content of the landscape catalogues is available on this website when the Ministry of Land and Sustainability gives its initial approval and they are submitted to public information. At the present time, you can consult the content of the following Landscape Catalogues:

Note: “Article 6. Type of actions on landscape. / 6.1 Public actions carried out on the landscape have to be directed to its protection, management and ordination. / 6.2 Actions of protection of the landscape are those directed to the preservation and maintenance of the significant aspects and characteristics of a landscape, justified by its values, which emerge from its natural configuration and/or from human intervention. / 6.3 Actions of management of the landscape are those directed to guiding and harmonising the transformations caused by the social, economic and environmental processes. / 6.4 Actions of ordination of the landscape are those which present a particularly accentuated prospective character, directed to maintaining, restoring, improving or modifying landscapes.”


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