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Ten years!

Joan Nogué
Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Exactly five years ago I wrote the only piece for the ‘Observer' that I have written in our digital magazine Landscap-e, entitled "Five years!" I have now written the second, five years later, on the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Catalan Landscape Observatory. If back then I felt euphoric with respect to the path taken since that 1 March of 2005, I now feel even more so, and there are many more things to celebrate: 10 years of the Observatory, 10 years of the Law on the Protection, Management and Organisation of the Landscape of Catalonia and 15 years since the approval of the European Landscape Convention, which is our principal benchmark. Because of all of this, our working programme for 2015 includes a whole series of activities that are aimed at celebrating these anniversaries - how could we do otherwise?Some will be held in the capital, Barcelona, such as the international roundtable to discuss the European Landscape Conventionand the Law on the Protection, Management and Organisation of the Landscape of Catalonia, while others will be held in our main offices, inOlot, as will be the case for the ‘10+10' activities programme, which refers to 10 activities (conferences, exhibitions, film club sessions, etc.)that recall the first 10 years of the institution's existence. This is our way of acknowledging the extraordinary hospitality with which this city has shown us, day after day.

Anniversaries are always a good excuse to reflect on the path taken and that which remains to be completed. We too have done this. Since 2005, the Landscape Observatory has centred its work on identifying and characterising the landscapes of Catalonia, implementing the instruments established in the Law on Landscape in addition to ensuring that Catalonia is a European benchmark in policies that relate to this field. After having consolidated these strategies it is now time to begin a new one, something that does not involve starting from zero, but harvesting the fruit of experience and establishing new challenges. This new roadmap is called ‘CATPAISATGE 2020. Country, Landscape, Future'. It involves emphasising factors such as identity, internationalisation, creativity, local development, entrepreneurship, the enhancement of new landscapes and the importance of values, research, innovation and communication. That which has not varied and which will not vary, is the first objective that we established on our creation: the endeavour to achieve quality and excellence in what we do and where we do it at all times. If the reader will allow me, I will provide here a basic outline of the lines of work that this already-implemented strategy involves, and which moreover, may be consulted in more detail at here. They are as follows:

1. Internationalisation from singularisation

2. Living and producing in a quality environment.

3. Landscape, creativity and the strategic sector

4. The landscape and the local world

5. The creation of new landscapes of reference

6. Landscape, the public and values

7. Landscape, employment and entrepreneurship

8. Climate change, energy and landscape

9. Research and innovation

10. Education, training and communication

Here we have an ambitious but viable roadmap; a working programme with a horizon of 2020 that begins at the precise moment when the Catalan Government is revising and updating all Catalan laws of a regional nature, among them, that of the landscape; which is a law that has been shown to be both effective and operable, but which, in the context of this reform, can go much further.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do and we neither want to, nor cannot do it alone. We require the involvement of those who are now reading these lines. We know that we have their support and as such, we are deeply grateful.

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